Alley and I met our first week of college in California. We were supposed to be roommates according to the roommate matching the college did based on who they thought might get along. At the last minute she got a roomie from her home town and we ended up on the same floor just the same. We always joke about how bad of decision she made by choosing her other roommate (jk) because it would have been the BEST year as roomies. But regardless, between attending the same small college, living on the same floor, our many many morning workouts and smoothies together, overnighters studying, painting our nails in the middle of the night while planning my wedding and so many other amazing memories, we became wonderful friends! Alley was a bridesmaid in my wedding and is still one of my best friends to date. 

A couple years ago I started hearing her talk about this amazing guy she had started dating and how they bonded over watching Star Wars together. I couldn't wait to meet him and in March of last year I had the pleasure of spending an evening at In n Out talking for HOURS with Shane and Alley about life and love and I just knew they would be getting married soon.

Back in the summer of 2017 they got engaged and Alley asked me to be both a bridesmaid and her photographer! They flew out to Kentucky for their engagement session which you can see here. It was quite a challenge flying out to California with a six week old baby, being her photographer (with the help of two amazing photographer friends) AND getting to be her bridesmaid. But it was a HUGE honor to stand beside her on that beautiful day and I just love this sweet couple to pieces!