When it came to creating Gibson’s room I really gave Jeremy full creative freedom, it was two weeks before his due date when we finally realized we should probably get his room ready! Jeremy had the idea to create this bear for him that was holding the moon. Once he had that idea the rest of the room just came together! Jeremy made the bear, we found these little stars and painted them to match the room. Took a trip to the @Home store shortly before he was born and found the signs and lanterns which really helped pull the design in together.

When you’re having your second kid you have the benefit of already knowing what works and what doesn’t work. Which is why creating Gibson’s room was so simple for us, we’d tested the products we loved and knew we create and simple and sweet space for him with the essentials. So as promised here are 5 Must Have Nursery Room Items.

Hatch Baby Rest - Y’all I truly cannot say enough about how much Iove this product. There are so many uses all in one that it makes it 100% worth the investment and we have it in both kids rooms! This sound machine comes with multiple different sounds and colors to choose from but what is really impressive is the mobile functions, through their mobile app you can turn it off and on, change volume, change sounds and colors…etc. It can also be used as an Okay to Wake clock which is a huge reason why I bought it! You can set it on a timer so when you’re training your toddler to stay in their room till a certain time you can have the clock change to green and play a different sound letting them know they can get out of bed! What’s also really amazing is their customer service, we turned it on one day and instantly got an email from them saying they detected an error and were sending us a brand new one at no extra cost!! It took no long phone calls on hold or even waiting for it to break to get replaced, they solved the problem before there was one and I love that about the company.

Modern Burlap Cotton Swaddle - Modern Burlap has been a personal favorite company of mine since I discovered them on Instagram when we first found out we were having Charlee. Their swaddles are absolutely beautiful and high quality. I love that they have so many designs with beautiful messages. These can be used as actual swaddles, monthly photo shoot backdrops or as statement pieces to decorate a room.


The next two products I absolutely love are both by Ubbi World.

Ubbi World Diaper Caddy - This diaper caddy contains a spot for diapers, wipes as well as any necessary cosmetics used during diaper changes. I personally love it because it keeps wipes moist under the cover, it also has the little open spot to see when you’re running low ahead of time so you know to refill. Not showed is the portable changing mat that came with it! A huge reason why I love the diaper caddy is because of the mobility of it. When you have a toddler and infant diaper changes often don’t happen at the changing table. I love that I can just grab the caddy by the handles and take it wherever I need to change diapers and still have everything I need.

Ubbi World Diaper Pail - Can we just take a second to talk about how cute this diaper pail design is? Three things that make me choose this pail over competitors are the design, they have their own bags but you can also use any trash bag! Which means no more expensive custom trash bags! Lastly I love that it has an option to lock the opening! (No more toddlers opening up smelly trash cans!)


A few lifestyle shots i’m Gibson’s room captured last week… I’m so glad we put so much of our hearts into this room. It makes all the memories made here something we cherish that much more.