In May of 1940 the world got a whole lot brighter when my grandma Betty made her debut into the world. When she was born her grandpa made her a wooden cradle for her to sleep in the first few months of her life. And as my grandma got older, being the sentimental type like myself, she kept her cradle with her through all these years. 

On May 10, 2016 we welcomed our baby girl Charlotte into the world. (More coming on her story soon). My grandma came for her birth and to help the days after she was born and she brought us her cradle for Charlotte. My grandma and grandpa spent the weeks before her birth refinishing the cradle and making a new mattress for it, I'm so happy to have a little family heirloom for my sweet baby girl that so many people in the family worked so hard on! 

And naturally this called for some newborn photos in her great grandma's cradle.