Carrington + Laurel

A few weeks back I had the honor of capturing Laurel and Carrington’s wedding and it was honestly one of my favorite weddings of all time. Laurel is super chill and relaxed and made for such a fun bride. She showed up an hour late to the venue after deciding to wash off her whole face of makeup! Her bridesmaids cared more than she did and were stressing out so bad waiting for her to arrive it was hilarious. She arrived and her girls went into full getting ready mode doing her make up and hair at the same time while Laurel cracked up laughing at how stressed they were. You could tell her and her girls had such a special bond because the moment she got dressed and did her first look with the bridesmaids the entire room broke out in tears and had to gather themselves.

During the ceremony Laurel and Carrington performed a traditional Chinese Wedding Tea Ceremony where they knelt down in front of each of their family members and poured them each a cup of tea as a sign of gratitude and respect. It was probably my favorite part because in typical Laurel fashion she couldn’t take anything seriously and cracked up laughing throughout. I loved how fun and joyful this sweet couple was and absolutely adore them!