On Monday May 9, 2016 Jeremy and I made our what to what would be my final OB appointment before Charlee's arrival. We rushed out the door in a hurry realizing we had overslept and said goodbye to a very concerned Zoe. It was in the moment seeing how sad Zoe was that we both knew today would be the day.

After arriving at our appointment my doctor informed me that I was still not progressing and asked if I wanted to waited it out or be induced. We told her we were ready to be induced and she decided to have me go for an ultrasound to see how big Charlee was and find an excuse for insurance purposes to induce me. 

The ultrasounds technician told us right away that we wouldn't need to make up a fake excuse to get induced because my fluids were low so we had a real reason. But then she decided to do some tests to make sure there were no issues with the low fluids. She started scanning Charlee's kidneys and staid on the same spot for a long time and then after a while she started looking in her books and thats when Jeremy and I began to worry. 

We were ushered back into my doctors office and outside we could here a commotion going on, nurses and doctors moving around and talking like something was wrong... What felt like hours later my doctor walked in the room with tears in her eyes, sat down and told us that the ultrasound wasn't normal. She said that Charlee's kidneys were not normal and that they appeared to have multiple cysts on them. She then began to explain the possible diseases she could have ranging from basically no symptoms to life threatening. At one point she started talking about kidney transplants and how long a baby could live after being born with kidney failure and thats when my heart completely shattered.

She had us sent to a better hospital with more high tech equipment and better NICU doctors and told them to induce me right away. We arrived around 12pm and waited to be sent to our room. At about 2pm they finally had my medicine ready and began the process to induce me. Jeremy and I watched The Office for hours to pass the time. We had guests come and go but it all happened in a blur and all I cared about was if my baby was going to be okay. 

Around 2am there was still no progress and the nurses came and started the pitocin to see if that would get the process going. Between 2am and 7am the contractions became extremely painful with absolutely no pattern at all. At time they were a minute apart but often there were 2 or 3 back to back with no time to breathe in between. I had hoped to go without getting an epidural but finally at 7am I gave in and decided I wanted one. 

It was around 8am by the time I got the epidural and the nurse checked me to see my progress. I was still only at 2cm centimeters and was experiencing back labor so even with the epidural I had pain in my tail bone and was extremely uncomfortable. They anesthesiologist came in and gave me a second dose of medicine since it looked like I was going to be in for a long day. My nurse told me it would probably only be night time by the time I delivered. I decided to take a nap wait the process out since I was no longer in pain. 

At 11am my amazing nurse Melissa came in to check me and asked me how far along I thought I was... I had absolutely no clue but expected to be somewhere around 3 or 4cm at most. She told me I was already at 10cm and ready to push. I was completely shocked and freaking out, I had just had tons of medicine and couldn't feel a thing. My doctor got the call and came rushing from her office 30 minutes away. In the time in between they got the room ready and allowed my family to come in and see me for a minute. Everyone was so excited to finally meet our baby girl but I wasn't ready. 

As much as I wanted to meet her I was so terrified of what might be wrong with her I didn't want to find out. I had no idea if my baby would live days or years or minutes and I was freaking out. My doctor walked into the room around 11:40 and Charlee's heart rate was dropping and they had to get her out right away. After about 4 minutes of pushing and only 3 actual pushes later Charlotte "Charlee" Amelia Clare-Talbot was born. The doctor laid her on me and I remember just being in complete and absolute shock and she looked me in the eyes and she kept repeatedly saying "she's okay, she's healthy"... she said it a few times because It honestly just couldn't register with me that she was actually okay. 

She looked absolutely perfect and I knew there was no way there could be anything wrong with her. It was the strangest feeling looking at her and not being at all surprised by what she looked like. She was exactly how I imagined her and it was as if I had known her my whole life. 

After giving me some time for just me and Jeremy to bond with her we invited the family in to meet her. We'd kept her name a surprise to my family for the whole pregnancy and when it was time for my grandpa Charlie to meet her we announced that we were name her Charlee after him and let him be the first to hold her. 

Later that night after they sent Charlee for testing we got news that there were no tumors or cysts on her kidneys but they there still might be some issues with her kidneys. Thankfully the next day we received a clean bill of health for her. The doctors had no explanation for what showed up before in the ultrasound, the only thing they knew was that she was perfectly healthy. 

It was a 3 day emotional roller coaster but we are so grateful for our sweet, healthy baby girl who is now one month old! Here are a few photos from the day she was born and our time in the hospital!