Chris & Carli,

These two complete each other in a way that is weird and adorable the cutest thing ever all in one. I literally cannot say enough about them! Chris and Carli got engaged a few months back and found me when they were looking for a wedding photographer. There wedding will be in Panama City Beach, Florida which I am super excited about! But Chris is from the area and wanted to show Carli around so they decided to come up for engagement photos. I got to spend the day before their engagement session hanging out with them which was perfect because I really feel like I got to know their personalities, which makes an engagement session that much better. 

The day before the session Carli and I explored Memphis together looking for cool locations for the shoot. We drove around, got lost and found some amazing locations, drove around in circles looking for parking and then scavenged my car for change to buy fried mac n cheese from a local food truck in the city. Needless to say, I had an absolute blast getting to know Carli that day and even more fun with both of them during their session. 

There is nothing like walking away from an engagement session feeling like you've made some friends for life.