Oh man, there are no words to describe my love for Chris and Carli, they are two of the most special people you'll ever meet but Ill go back a bit... 

Around June of last year, Carli contacted me through a mutual friend and asked me to capture their wedding, we discussed all the details and it was set! We would be going down to Florida to capture their wedding! In September, Chris and Carli made a trip up to Memphis to have their engagement session done with us. 

The day before the session Carli and I hopped in the car and drove to downtown Memphis gathering ideas for location and stopping for some Memphis eats, fried mac n cheese balls at a food truck if I remember correctly. We had my daughter with us who fell in love with Carli instantly and of course we all had the best time together. We walked away from their weekend visit feeling like we had just made friends for life, and boy were we right!

Driving in the Panama City Beach was like a breath of fresh air, we got to stay at their apartment the first night and went out for seafood, which was amazing! The day before their wedding we hung out at the venue and helped set up and then the day of we followed their day from start to finish, capturing everything from brunch to send off and it was the most incredible day!

The love that Chris and Carli share is one for the books, and Im so honored I get to partner with them on this journey! 

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