Christi and Alex

These two have an extra special place in my heart because I got to watch their relationship from the very beginning.

Way back, probably over a year ago Christi and Alex were two of the only single people in our friend group and young adults group at church. Every time we got together it seemed to be mostly couples except them. So of course being the nosey people (and wedding photographers) that we are, Jeremy and I decided they had to start dating.

We spent MONTHS trying to convince them and make it happen. We finally managed to plan a triple date night with some of our other friends and despite some normal first date awkwardness, we just knew these two could be a real couple one day.

Fast forward almost a year and this lovely couple is now engaged and we get the honor of capturing their wedding. There is nothing quite as cool as being able to capture their wedding after seeing it develop from the very beginning.

And now of course they are insanely cute and giggly and we laughed our faces off the entire session.