Our little buddy is one year old. I can’t believe how quickly this year flew by. I keep meaning to write down his birth story but kept getting caught up in life with two little ones and suddenly I blinked and his birthday is here. So in honor of my sweet boy and his birthday I wanted to sit down and write down my memories from that day.

On February 19 at around 9am I was scheduled to arrive at UK Hospital to be induced. (Pictured below, last photo pregnant with our boy Gibson. Swollen face and ankles and all)


The morning was slow going unlike the induction with Charlee. I think they started the actual process around 10am but I didn’t feel anything for hours and hours later. Jeremy and I spent most of our day that day watching The Office as we did while in labor with Charlee. Jeremy set up the diffuser with Peace and Calming diffusing (my favorite) and I remember all the nurses coming in and hanging out because they said our room smelled amazing.

I’m a little hazy on the details but I want to say around 6pm they decided to break my water. I had originally planned on going as natural as possible but became impatient to meet my boy after seeing little progress. Once my water broke I began to feel stronger contractions but labor wasn’t really progressing. Our sweet friend Hannah of Southern Native Photography joined us at the hospital around that time to capture the birth.

Mom came to the hospital some time that evening and was determined to help me get some progress going. I begged the nurses to find me a portable monitor so we could walk the halls and bounce on a exercise ball. We walked for what seemed like forever till my contractions got pretty strong and I decided to stop.

After finding out that I still hadn’t progressed at all I decided around midnight to get an epidural as they said it it didn’t look like he was coming until the next night. I had the epidural thinking I could get a full nights sleep and wake up rested and ready to have the baby! (funny, right?) Once the epidural kicked in the night got really long.

For whatever reason pitocin was causing Gibson’s heart rate to drop. But every time they lowered the pitocin my contractions stopped and with my water already broken he had to come out in the next 24 hours. I was forced to lay on my left side slightly leaning back for literally 12 hours. Every time I moved even a centimeter his heart rate would drop and the nurses would come running in to check on him. My sweet friend Hannah was there by my side the entire night, checking on me, watching his heart rate, calling the nurses to come check on me. I had told Jeremy to sleep so he could be well rested for the birth and we decided not to worry him (which he was not happy about when he later found out! lol)

I spent most of my night panicking and crying to be honest. They discussed with us the possibility of an emergency c-section if his heart rate didn’t improve and I remember just breaking down thinking there was no way I could be a good mom to Charlee and Gibson through the transition if I was recovering from a c-section. After they told us there was no progress, they said they would check me at 2:30pm and if he wasn’t ready I would be having a c-section. We spent most of that morning just watching his heart rate and me doing everything to keep myself calm.


Hannah went home to shower and planned to be back at 2:30 for what looked like would be a c-section. And we kept watching the monitors for basically hours. At around noon maybe later our on call OB came in to meet us and talk to us about the next steps and what a c-section would look like if that had to happen. After an hour or two laying with a peanut ball (hips burning from laying in the same spot for 12 hours) I told them I was having back labor as I did moments before Charlee was born. I asked them to check one last time as I felt like he was ready and turns out within an hour or two I had fully progressed and Gibson was ready! (Unfortunately she arrived just minutes after he was born but Jeremy captured some shots)

Our sweet little (Very Big) Boy, Gibson Ambrose Clare-Talbot made his debut on February 20, 2018 at 2:22pm. Weighing a whopping 9lbs 6oz and 22 inches long. We were lucky enough after such a hard labor to be able to do skin to skin time with him while Hannah captured the memories.

Of course being the photographer that I am I captured some Fresh 48 Photos at the Hospital over the two days we were there… Here are some of my favorites.