About a year ago Jeremy and I were living briefly in Shreveport, Louisiana, During our time there we met the most amazing friends. The kind of friends where from the first time you meet you talk about anything from theology to politics, to giving birth and laughing over quotes from the office. They are the kind of friends that are REAL, they will put you in your place when you are wrong, rejoice with you in the good times and be there for you every of the hard times. A year ago tomorrow was one of the hardest, if not the hardest day of our entire lives and this sweet family was there to pick us up. They brought us into their home night after night and were the biggest comfort to us in that season.

The worst part about moving to Tennessee was leaving these beautiful souls, but thankfully we got to visit them a few weeks back and it was so much fun getting to capture their family is the most REAL way. Love these friends to pieces.