Josh and Emilee

Back in the spring Jeremy and I had the pleasure of meeting these two beautiful humans. We met at Cracker Barrel and spent forever talking about their relationship, their lives and everything that led to the moment of them getting engaged. Emilee grew up as a pastor’s kid which meant we had a whole lot in common, and Josh was also a worship leader! We instantly bonded over ministry because well, not everyone understands that life! Emilee’s dad set her and Josh up for the first time and the rest was history!

This wedding was so full of sentimental moments that had us in tears throughout the day. It was the day that Emilee became a step mom to Josh’s sweet daughter Natalie. Throughout the day Emilee gifted her with little things to celebrate the day with her, ending with a bracelet and a touching letter she read aloud at the reception. My heart was so full watching the three of them become a family and I just know Emilee will be the BEST step mom there ever was because her heart is pure gold.

And while this day was so full of joy, there was also a huge part of Emilee missing. Her bouquet was tied with lace and a brooch in memory of her great grandmother, I asked Emilee’s sister Sara to write a few words.

” Mawmaw was everything to us, and to Emilee. I guess you could say she was the glue that held us all together. She was our great grandmother. Emilee has always said Mawmaw would have been her bridesmaid on her wedding day, they were so close and had a very special bond. Emilee took time to spend with and learn from her great grandmother. She would go to her house watch her bake, sew, cook, and make coffee... and all of those are important pieces that make Emilee who she is today. When Emilee was a little girl, she would sit and watch and learn from her, she adored her Mawmaw.

Us kids lived right around from her our entire lives, and until last year we have never experienced anything without her. Losing her has been numbing. We’re all still trying to understand a world where we can’t sit and talk with her, share stories with her, learn from her... and specially now that we’re all getting older– share life’s joyful and sweet moments with her.

They had a very special bond, and part of that was because they spent so much time together. When Emilee got engaged she knew wanted to make Mawmaw a part of her wedding day and celebrate the memory of her in a joyful way.

Mom and dad thought of a special way to celebrate her life but also incorporate her into the day so they gifted Emilee a brooch with Mawmaw’s picture, tied in lace for Emilee to carry around her bouquet. They knew how much Emilee wished she could be there to see her walk down the aisle and this was a way Emilee could carry the memory of Mawmaw with her on her wedding day. She would be right there with her.

Emilee lost a best friend when Mawmaw passed away. Emilee will always hope to share the memory of her and make her part of each of life’s occasions as long as she lives.”