Every once is a while you come across clients that literally warm your heart and within minutes make you feel like you've known them forever and want to be best friends, no joke. That was Leann and David

Leann was a winner of my 1000k fan Instagram session giveaway. I absolutely loved her Instafeed @Leelee_ree so I was super excited to meet her and take some photos of her and her husband. When I found out they were from Oregon I was a little worried about being able to fit in their session before the big move. 

Well. I soon found out that Leann and David are HUGE and I mean HUGE Disneyland fans, like me and Jeremy, and were coming to California specifically to spend two days at Disneyland and wanted to their session there. They bought my ticket to Disneyland and I was beyond excited to spend a day there shooting this lovely couple. 

They were an absolute blast to spend the day with! Within minutes of meeting them we felt super comfortable with them and we had a great time running around shooting in the park and trying to beat the sunset. Towards the end they had an idea that they wanted to take a photo of Thunder Mountain, Not gonna lie my camera is my baby and I was a little nervous but Jeremy was able to go on the ride with them since I couldn't and captured an epic shot down the hill. 

What a blast! 


And of course a picture with these two lovely people because we had so much fun with them!