Vendor of the Month - 12 Part Series (Highlighting Kentucky’s Top Wedding Vendors)

About a year ago I had this idea to start featuring different local vendors every month to help brides get to know vendors in their area in a different way than just searching them on various wedding websites. One of the main reasons I had this idea was because I was starting to meet and work with so many incredible wedding vendors with such huge hearts that I had to share more about them.

Last year I met Lindsay from White Oak Design Co. We met at a local networking meeting and briefly spoke, but once I started dreaming up an idea for a styled shoot I knew I had to have her involved, she’s a go getter, super organized, knows all the best in business and I knew she’d help me get it done… and boy did she! That shoot is published in the current issue of Kentucky Bride Magazine and I couldn't be more proud of her and the rest of our team involved..

So, Meet Lindsay….


Adele: How did you get into planning/coordinating? 

Lindsay: I started as many of us do, planning my own wedding! I fell in love with the process but felt strongly that brides deserved help navigating the industry and reducing stress when trying to see their wedding come together. I began helping friends and family with their events and soon realized that I wanted to own a business planning weddings full time. 

Adele: sets you apart from the rest?

Lindsay: I try to bring everything I do back to exemplary customer service. I felt with my own wedding that customer service was lacking in the industry and I strive to bring that element to the forefront of my business every day. I do this by treating brides as I would my sister, being available or close by 24/7, going above and beyond on value of my services and the product they receive, and just treating them with compassion and respect. In addition I use my design knowledge, business management practices, and crafting skills to help my couples plan and execute a personalized and intentional experience rather than just another Pinterest wedding. 

Adele: Do you feel hiring a planner or coordinator is essential to wedding success? (Why?)

Lindsay: ? No. I may be shooting myself in the foot here, and I think I just heard a collective scream from all the planners in the area, but I tell couples this during consultations; you don't need me. You don't have to have a wedding planner to have a wedding. You can use your aunt/cousin/friend as a coordinator and get by between them and the DJ and photographer. However, having a planner allows you to enjoy the wedding planning process instead of just survive it. It takes about half of the tasks and over 200 hours off your plate. The right planner will handle all of the miniscule details, tracking, and communications that make planning an event mind numbing and stressful. A planner will help you navigate wedding traditions, tricky family dynamics, and will ensure that the week of the wedding and (here's the important part) the wedding day, you get to relax. The difference between brides that have a planner and ones that don't is staggering on the wedding day. It's a difference of no one asking you questions and approaching you about logistics versus everyone asking you a million questions and calling you nonstop. Having a coordinator especially is important even for the Type-A bride (like I was) that wants to do all the planning; trust me, your aunt/cousin/friend doesn't want that job, and you don't really want to task them with it, do you? Get a coordinator you can trust (who comes in at least 1 month out, if not more) to execute your vision and run the show smoothly.

Adele: What is one thing you wish brides (to be) could know? 

Lindsay: it's really all going to be okay. That even weddings with a snafoo here and there still end with you and your fiancé together and happy. That the color of the napkins really doesn't matter. That the decision to go with a 4-tier cake or small cake with sheet cakes doesn't matter. Obviously I'm not saying that your wedding doesn't matter; I mean, my entire business is built on bringing these intentional details to light so that your day feels perfect. However, I wish brides could see into the future and get some perspective that it's really going to be okay, and they don't need to stress. I hate to see my couples stressed. 

Adele: What is your favorite moment of the wedding day? 

Lindsay: , it's a tie between the vows and the first dance. I always tear up. It's those times during the day that I get to see my couple just being together, loving each other, bringing it all back to reality and why we're all there celebrating. It's an honor to witness. 

Adele: What is the most memorable moment of your career? 

Lindsay: are so many things that stick out in my mind! With my business, that first time I paid myself, the times when my branding and marketing strategy finally clicked, the times I found out I would be published. With my couples, the hugs they give, the thank you cards, the happy looks from across the room. With weddings in general, the hilarious dancers, the time someone fell off a staircase banister (they're ok), the time I almost passed out at a wedding (I didn't). The times I feel like I've messed up or fallen short always stick out; I'm pretty hard on myself and I expect a lot for my couples so that disappointment in myself stings to this day. 

Adele: Word of advice for brides on the day? 

Lindsay: . Take a breath. Think about why you're here! 

Adele: Any big goals for this year? 

Lindsay: has already exceeded my hopes. Most importantly, my goal always comes back to ending the year with happy couples married and bookings for 2020. Other goals include another paycheck (possible), some innovative vendor collaborations (probable), and keeping my kid alive and happy now that I'm home with him full time (debatable)!

Adele: What are your plans coming up? Any fun travel or features we should follow? 

Lindsay: was just published for the first time in Kentucky Bride magazine (thanks to sweet Adele and her photo magic), so check that out. Keep an eye on the other publications in the area - I've got a couple things in the works for bridal inspiration. I don't know, I'll just be around this year; I feel like I'll make some big moves in 2020 but for now I just want to be your friendly neighborhood planner :)

Adele: Is there anything more you’d like to share? 

Lindsay: it comes to booking your vendors, including your wedding planner, listen to your gut. Not every planner is for everyone; the same can be said for all vendor categories. You need to click with your vendors. A couple hundred dollars price difference here or there won't make an impact in the end, but hiring vendors that don't get your vision and that you don't enjoy spending time with will absolutely screw things up for you. Once you've settled on vendors you love, trust them to do their work. Let them have a little creative liberty (if you can). This allows you to stress less and allows them to spread their creative wings, resulting in a truly memorable collaboration. And remember, I'm always just a phone call away if you need backup ;)

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little snippet into the life and work of Lindsay and the heart behind White Oak Design Co. Stay tuned for more wonderful vendors on the blog soon!

~ Adele Marie


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