Vendor of the Month - 12 Part Series (Highlighting Kentucky’s Top Wedding Vendors)

I am so excited to introduce to you this months featured vendor! I had the pleasure of meeting Liz back in August of last year and I am so glad that our paths crossed! At the time I was planning a styled wedding that took months of hard work and planning, at the last minute (literally the week of) our original venue fell through and I reached out to Liz at Hemlock Springs to see if she could help. She was so amazing and stepped right in to make our shoot run perfectly.

The week of the shoot I drove up to the Red River Gorge to meet Liz and check out the venue and I was completely in awe of their space. It is truly a little slice of heaven right in the middle of the beauty that is the Red River Gorge, one of my favorite Kentucky spots. And while I was amazed by their venue, the attention to detail, the STUNNING bridal getting ready room and just the absolute beauty of the location, I was even more in awe of Liz and her radiant personality. She is truly one of the most loving, caring and giving people and it completely shows in everything she does. And while I didn’t get to spend quite as much time with her new hubby Skip, I could tell that he shares her same joy for life and her passion in everything they are doing at Hemlock Springs.


Adele: First off tell me a little bit about you! 

Liz: My name is Liz Pulliam Wolfe and…well…I’m an adventure-seeking, Golden Retriever doting mama,  Lyme Disease butt kicking, John Muir following nature nerd who loves hiking, rock climbing and exploring when I’m not experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen or running a business. I met my hubby (eeek that term is still so shiny and new!), Skip, while climbing at Muir Valley here in the Red River Gorge. We now live and work right here in Wolfe County, Kentucky right in the heart of the place we met and love best in the world. Skip jokes if we were ever to get our own reality show (and trust me, just keep the cameras rolling cause there’s enough craziness you won’t have to script anything) it would be called the Wolfe’s of Wolfe County 

Adele: How did you get started in the wedding business? 

Liz: We knew we wanted to get married in the Red River Gorge, and at the time, there really weren’t very many options. We owned 100 acres that had a giant building on it, so we thought we’d fix it up for us, but the more improvements we did, the more people encouraged us to open the property to the public. We explored that as an option that would allow us to live and work in the Red River Gorge, and then embarked on about a 16 month process of becoming a permitted commercial space and all of the construction and renovation that came with it.

Although he currently works in healthcare, Skip holds degrees in art and design which came in handy while designing our building. Between the two of us, we make a pretty great creative team. My background is in communications which helped propel me through various positions within non-profit organizations over the years, where I not only had to manage budgets and staff, but I also had to write grants, implement programs, measure results and plan and execute large-scale fundraisers and events. We both dealt with pretty sad circumstances and situations at work, and it gets to you after a while. When you care for people, it’s impossible not to bring some of that home with you. The prospect of working in the wedding industry would not only allow us to live and work where we wanted, but it would provide a welcome relief to some of the heartbreaking situations we often found ourselves in with our day jobs.

Adele: What do you believe sets apart from the rest? 

Liz: Our attention to detail. We kind of obsess about the details. We put TONS of thought, planning and care into the details so that the overall product is as best as it absolutely can be. This also applies to our relationships with our couples. We genuinely care about them and their guests and we pay attention to all of the details that will impact their experience here at Hemlock.

Adele: What is one thing you wish bride’s(to be) could know? 

Liz: Our venue books up rather quickly. We sold out of Saturdays in October for 2019 in August of 2018. If you’re looking at a prime time of the year to get married, and you have to have a Saturday, book early.

Adele: What is your favorite moment of the wedding day? 

Liz: Ugh this is hard. There are SO many amazing moments during a wedding day! If I had to pick just one though, it would probably be the moment the bride comes down the aisle. There is so much anticipation that builds to a crescendo with that entrance. From the moment the guests stand, time seems to be suspended and the only thing that exists in that moment is the love between two amazing people as they are pulled towards one another to solidify their lifelong commitment. I tear up every single time.

Adele: What is the most memorable moment of your career? 

Liz: So far, it has to be when the Venue Report put us on their list of Hottest New Venues in the world for 2018. I was caught completely off guard and had no idea we would be featured until I read the article and saw our picture. It was completely surreal. I literally choked on my coffee when I saw us listed and immediately called Skip at work to give him the news, coughing and gasping for breath all the while. 

Adele: What word of advice do you have for brides on the wedding day? 

Liz: Breathe. Breathe deep and enjoy every moment. Don’t sweat the small stuff, don’t worry about the details. Just breathe and be completely present.

Adele: Do you have any big goals for 2019? 

Liz: We have lots of exciting plans up our sleeves including developing a new ceremony site. We don’t anticipate it will be finished in 2019, but we will begin work on it this year, and as pretty as our current site is, I’m already swooning over the plans for the new one!

 I hope you enjoyed reading a little bit about Liz and her heart behind their venue Hemlock Springs! Stay tuned for our stunning styled shoot at their venue coming in Kentucky Bride Magazine’s next issue this April!

~ Adele Marie