Jeff & Sara

Every once in a while you meet the kind of person that lights up a room, the kind of person that is so beautiful not only on the outside but also on the inside that they literally can make any persons day better now matter how terrible. The kind of person everyone wants in their life.

That is exactly the type of person Sara is. I met Sara almost two years ago, I was her cousins wedding photographer and in the process I was able to go on a bachelorette weekend with Sara and the other girls. From the moment I met Sara I literally loved her to pieces, she has such a beautiful soul!

When I met her she and Jeff were going through a little bit of a rough patch and they were working some things out, but I knew in my heart that they would end up getting married one day. This girl spent every waking minute of our trip talking about how much she loved him, talking about how amazing he treated her and talking about how she felt like they were meant to be. So of course when she announced their engagement I was absolutely thrilled! And even more thrilled when she asked if she could fly me to LA to capture it. 

Upon meeting Jeff on the wedding day, I could tell he was the type of beautiful person that lights up a room as well and that the two of them are going to do amazing things together. I couldn't be happier for them, and I was absolutely honored to capture their day! 

When we fount out that they hadn't hired a videographer, Jeremy (Hubby) and I decided to surprise them and take some videos as well as photos and make a little highlight reel of their wedding day and I absolutely love how it turned!

Photography by: Photography by Adele (Jeremy and Adele Clare-Talbot) 

Videography by: Jeremy Clare-Talbot

Hair: Michelle Hair (Michelle Stevenes)