Ryne and Catrina.

Jeremy and I got meet up with Catrina in the beginning of 2017. We met over coffee and bonded over our two beautiful daughters. We had such an amazing meeting and I was so excited when she booked me for her wedding almost 1/5 years away!

And boy, was it so worth the wait! Catrina and I had a little bad luck before the wedding. Every time we booked a session we would get completely rained out! From their gorgeous Rainy Falls Creek Falls Engagement Session to multiple family sessions we had to cancel. So we both kind of expected a complete downpour on their wedding day. 

Well, it was nothing like we expected it! It was the perfect, gorgeous sunny and not to hot Mississippi day. Every detail of the day was absolutely perfect, from the dresses to the gorgeous floral arrangements by Ena Fowler Floral Design. Stunning hair and makeup by Rebecca Mathis and perfect planning by the lovely Kelsey of Connor & Co. 

Everything came together absolutely beautifully for this lovely couple and we are so happy for them!