JaNae & Chris


About 6 months ago JaNae contacted me for the first time to shoot her June wedding. I had captured the wedding of her close friends back in November and she wanted a similar experience. We talked back and forth a bit and she booked me then and there.

Just a few weeks later she notified me that there were some circumstances that came up and they had to change the date two months earlier, thankfully I was still available but I was worried about her thinking someone was sick.. etc. So we met for coffee to discuss the date change. We hit it off immediately and I could just tell right away I wanted to work with these sweet soul.

She told me that she would be putting on a SURPRISE wedding, yep you read that right. Backtracking a little bit it's important to know a little bit about JaNae and Chris. Chris is a simple guy, a hopeless romantic who would do anything for JaNae, he could wear a t shirt and jeans every day and really would do just about anything to make her happy. JaNae is quite the opposite, in her words they "go together like whiskey and wine." JaNae can be seen overdressed to any occasion, always looking her best fabulous self, she's laid back but also loves a great time.

So when they started planning their wedding, their simple small wedding quickly got out of hand with fancy decor and a large guest list, Chris was happy to plan the wedding JaNae wanted but with the wedding budget getting out of hand she decided to do the most selfless thing. Janae quickly canceled all their plans and began organizing a sweet, simple wedding. An intimate gathering with only family and their few closest friends. The wedding was held on the property they bought together, the same property that would one day be their family home. Upon arriving to the property, Chris received a note that said "Meet me at our tree." Their tree would be the place their family gathered, the place JaNae walked down the aisle to meet him, and the place they dedicated their lives forever to each other.