Vendor of the Month - 12 Part Series

Sometime back in 2017 I had the idea of featuring a different vendor every month on my blog to help local brides hear a little bit more about the wedding vendors in the area that they might not normally get to read about on instagram or facebook pages. I’m all about brides making connections with their vendors and building trust and I felt like this would be a great way to start that connection. Well fast forward through 2018 where I was a little too busy birthing and keeping alive my tiny humans to blog, and now we’re finally here!

For my first vendor of there series I wanted to feature a dear friend of mine, Alexis from Wild Roots Farmer Florist. We had the privilege of working on a styled shoot together and I just loved getting to know this sweet girl. Not only is she incredibly freaking talented, she is. But she’s also just the kind, humble and joy-filled person that you will LOVE having on your team of vendors.

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Adele: Tell me a little bit about how did you get into the floral business? 

Alexis: So, I have a BS in Horticulture and an MS in Plant and Soil Sciences from the University of Kentucky. So, I’ve always been a super plant nerd. I originally started as strictly a part time floral designer for friend’s weddings, as a creative outlet for myself. Then, I decided to grow my own wedding flowers and so began my journey into becoming a Farmer Florist.

 Adele: What is your favorite flower if you had to choose? 

Alexis: Oh goodness don’t make me choose! When you are a flower farmer, you grow to love each and every flower variety for their own special qualities. Like people, no single one is completely perfect, but they all have something unique to offer. BUT, if I had to choose, I would say gladiolus. They come in every color, and remind me of my grandmother, which always makes me smile.

 Adele: What do you believe sets apart from the rest? 

Alexis: I would say Wild Roots is special in that we focus on local products that are not only grown sustainably, but are as beautiful and unique as they are ethically sourced. That, and how many people can say they know exactly where their flowers came from? I love when I get to talk to brides who are a year out from their wedding day, because we can actually pick very specific blooms to grow! So, from the time that seed hits the soil that plant has the special task of making someone’s day extra special! 


Adele: What is one thing you wish brides(to be) could know? 

Alexis: TRUST YOUR VENDORS! If you don’t leave a consult feeling like you can trust a vendor’s creative vision, choose someone different. In my experience, the most magical creations arise when a bride trusts me. You should definitely give them some direction and talk about the look you would like to achieve but in the end giving a designer a little bit of freedom is essential to the ‘wow’ factor.


Adele: What is your favorite moment of the wedding day? 

Alexis: Giving the bride her bouquet! Oh my gosh, I still get nervous every time! There is nothing more exciting or satisfying then the look on a bride’s face when she sees her bouquet for the first time. It makes all the long hours worth it. 


Adele: What is the most memorable moment of your career? 

Alexis: Gosh there are so many, this has truly been the ride of a lifetime and I welcome each new day. I guess one moment that comes to mind is the day my branding and new name went live. It felt so, official. No longer was this just a fun hobby I did for friends weddings. This was a business, I was an entrepreneur. It was a proud moment for me, when everything became real.


Adele: Do you have any words of advice for brides on the day? 

Alexis: Girl, you only get one day, ENJOY IT. No one will remember if the lighting was bad or the food needed salt. They will remember the joy radiating off you, and honestly hunny, if all they remember is the food, then you don’t need them anyway. AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT! 


Adele: Any big goals for 2019? 

Alexis: This year I’m doing a lot more workshops! I really love teaching people about flowers and designing so, if you’ve ever had an interest keep a look out on social media!


Adele: What are your plans coming up? Any fun travel or features we should follow? 

Alexis: Well planting season has already begun! That is always an adventure, you’ll get to follow along with me from seed, to soil, to blooms! Few things in life are more satisfying then seeing the first flower on a crop you’ve nurtured from seed. Then, to end the growing season I’ll (hopefully) be taking a trip to Cuba with my best friend and there will be ALL the plant pics!


Adele: Is there anything more you’d like to share? 

Alexis: I think the key to working with anyone, in any field, is finding someone who truly loves what they do. To me, that is the best assurance that you will only ever get something that they are truly proud of. If you can surround yourself with people like that, what could go wrong, right?

PS: If you are a fan of cute dogs and pretty flowers follow me on Instagram @wildrootsfarmflorist. My corgi Remy is the best garden pal, and the apple of my eye.

How adorable is this girl?! Seriously, I hope this little interview showed you a bit of her heart behind what she does because she truly does an incredible job and puts her whole heart into the work she does for her brides!

Stay Tuned for next months feature!

~ Adele Marie