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Gibson's Birth Story


Gibson's Birth Story

Our little buddy is one year old. I can’t believe how quickly this year flew by. I keep meaning to write down his birth story but kept getting caught up in life with two little ones and suddenly I blinked and his birthday is here. So in honor of my sweet boy and his birthday I wanted to sit down and write down my memories from that day.

On February 19 at around 9am I was scheduled to arrive at UK Hospital to be induced. (Pictured below, last photo pregnant with our boy Gibson. Swollen face and ankles and all)


The morning was slow going unlike the induction with Charlee. I think they started the actual process around 10am but I didn’t feel anything for hours and hours later. Jeremy and I spent most of our day that day watching The Office as we did while in labor with Charlee. Jeremy set up the diffuser with Peace and Calming diffusing (my favorite) and I remember all the nurses coming in and hanging out because they said our room smelled amazing.

I’m a little hazy on the details but I want to say around 6pm they decided to break my water. I had originally planned on going as natural as possible but became impatient to meet my boy after seeing little progress. Once my water broke I began to feel stronger contractions but labor wasn’t really progressing. Our sweet friend Hannah of Southern Native Photography joined us at the hospital around that time to capture the birth.

Mom came to the hospital some time that evening and was determined to help me get some progress going. I begged the nurses to find me a portable monitor so we could walk the halls and bounce on a exercise ball. We walked for what seemed like forever till my contractions got pretty strong and I decided to stop.

After finding out that I still hadn’t progressed at all I decided around midnight to get an epidural as they said it it didn’t look like he was coming until the next night. I had the epidural thinking I could get a full nights sleep and wake up rested and ready to have the baby! (funny, right?) Once the epidural kicked in the night got really long.

For whatever reason pitocin was causing Gibson’s heart rate to drop. But every time they lowered the pitocin my contractions stopped and with my water already broken he had to come out in the next 24 hours. I was forced to lay on my left side slightly leaning back for literally 12 hours. Every time I moved even a centimeter his heart rate would drop and the nurses would come running in to check on him. My sweet friend Hannah was there by my side the entire night, checking on me, watching his heart rate, calling the nurses to come check on me. I had told Jeremy to sleep so he could be well rested for the birth and we decided not to worry him (which he was not happy about when he later found out! lol)

I spent most of my night panicking and crying to be honest. They discussed with us the possibility of an emergency c-section if his heart rate didn’t improve and I remember just breaking down thinking there was no way I could be a good mom to Charlee and Gibson through the transition if I was recovering from a c-section. After they told us there was no progress, they said they would check me at 2:30pm and if he wasn’t ready I would be having a c-section. We spent most of that morning just watching his heart rate and me doing everything to keep myself calm.


Hannah went home to shower and planned to be back at 2:30 for what looked like would be a c-section. And we kept watching the monitors for basically hours. At around noon maybe later our on call OB came in to meet us and talk to us about the next steps and what a c-section would look like if that had to happen. After an hour or two laying with a peanut ball (hips burning from laying in the same spot for 12 hours) I told them I was having back labor as I did moments before Charlee was born. I asked them to check one last time as I felt like he was ready and turns out within an hour or two I had fully progressed and Gibson was ready! (Unfortunately she arrived just minutes after he was born but Jeremy captured some shots)

Our sweet little (Very Big) Boy, Gibson Ambrose Clare-Talbot made his debut on February 20, 2018 at 2:22pm. Weighing a whopping 9lbs 6oz and 22 inches long. We were lucky enough after such a hard labor to be able to do skin to skin time with him while Hannah captured the memories.

Of course being the photographer that I am I captured some Fresh 48 Photos at the Hospital over the two days we were there… Here are some of my favorites.


4 Must Have Nursery Room Items - Gibson's Nursery Room


4 Must Have Nursery Room Items - Gibson's Nursery Room


When it came to creating Gibson’s room I really gave Jeremy full creative freedom, it was two weeks before his due date when we finally realized we should probably get his room ready! Jeremy had the idea to create this bear for him that was holding the moon. Once he had that idea the rest of the room just came together! Jeremy made the bear, we found these little stars and painted them to match the room. Took a trip to the @Home store shortly before he was born and found the signs and lanterns which really helped pull the design in together.

When you’re having your second kid you have the benefit of already knowing what works and what doesn’t work. Which is why creating Gibson’s room was so simple for us, we’d tested the products we loved and knew we create and simple and sweet space for him with the essentials. So as promised here are 5 Must Have Nursery Room Items.

Hatch Baby Rest - Y’all I truly cannot say enough about how much Iove this product. There are so many uses all in one that it makes it 100% worth the investment and we have it in both kids rooms! This sound machine comes with multiple different sounds and colors to choose from but what is really impressive is the mobile functions, through their mobile app you can turn it off and on, change volume, change sounds and colors…etc. It can also be used as an Okay to Wake clock which is a huge reason why I bought it! You can set it on a timer so when you’re training your toddler to stay in their room till a certain time you can have the clock change to green and play a different sound letting them know they can get out of bed! What’s also really amazing is their customer service, we turned it on one day and instantly got an email from them saying they detected an error and were sending us a brand new one at no extra cost!! It took no long phone calls on hold or even waiting for it to break to get replaced, they solved the problem before there was one and I love that about the company.

Modern Burlap Cotton Swaddle - Modern Burlap has been a personal favorite company of mine since I discovered them on Instagram when we first found out we were having Charlee. Their swaddles are absolutely beautiful and high quality. I love that they have so many designs with beautiful messages. These can be used as actual swaddles, monthly photo shoot backdrops or as statement pieces to decorate a room.


The next two products I absolutely love are both by Ubbi World.

Ubbi World Diaper Caddy - This diaper caddy contains a spot for diapers, wipes as well as any necessary cosmetics used during diaper changes. I personally love it because it keeps wipes moist under the cover, it also has the little open spot to see when you’re running low ahead of time so you know to refill. Not showed is the portable changing mat that came with it! A huge reason why I love the diaper caddy is because of the mobility of it. When you have a toddler and infant diaper changes often don’t happen at the changing table. I love that I can just grab the caddy by the handles and take it wherever I need to change diapers and still have everything I need.

Ubbi World Diaper Pail - Can we just take a second to talk about how cute this diaper pail design is? Three things that make me choose this pail over competitors are the design, they have their own bags but you can also use any trash bag! Which means no more expensive custom trash bags! Lastly I love that it has an option to lock the opening! (No more toddlers opening up smelly trash cans!)


A few lifestyle shots i’m Gibson’s room captured last week… I’m so glad we put so much of our hearts into this room. It makes all the memories made here something we cherish that much more.


Charlee's Toddler Room Design


Charlee's Toddler Room Design

This time last year we were about a week from Gibson’s due date and frantically finishing the final touches on the kids rooms before his arrival. Funny enough, a week or so later he was born and I never finished decorating. But nevertheless I figured it’d be fun to share a few of our DIY projects we did to decorate the kids rooms!

When it came to designing Charlee’s space my biggest concern was her being able to keep her independence. At the time all she knew was being an only child and I was so worried about how it would affect her emotionally. I wanted to create a safe space for her, somewhere she could play and read and relax in her element. I also wanted to highlight some of things I always want her to strive for; bravery, adventure, knowing her value as a child of God, dreaming big…etc

Last week we had a little family session to capture the memories built in this sweet room and I just have to share.

DIY Projects

House Bed - We built her house bed following a tutorial from Pinterest, hubby got a little distracted in the process and ended up building his own design with the pieces I cut out from the template. This project was definitely a labor of love, I spent all day Christmas last year in a freezing cold garage cutting, sanding and staining the pieces to make this for her and it was so worth it!

Rain Gutter Book Shelves - This was probably the best idea we had and cost us less than $10.

Triangle Hanging Shelves - Another easy piece that added such a nice touch! We took scrap wood pieces from the bed and had Jeremy’s mom crochet the yarn to hang them.

All bedding items from Target - Comforter, Pillows and Canopy

“I am a Child of God” Canvas from Modern Burlap

Sound Machine and Nightlight - Hatch Baby

Teepee - Amazon


2017 | A Year In Review | Photography by Adele | Kentucky Wedding Photographer


2017 | A Year In Review | Photography by Adele | Kentucky Wedding Photographer


What a year. 

I know everyone talks about how fast the years fly but man this year really just came and went before my eyes! As I look back on the last 12 months I'm filled with so many emotions, my heart is so full as I think of the love that I've captured. The unions of two beautiful people becoming one, expectant mothers awaiting their new little ones, lives entering this world, families growing... kids getting bigger! Oh my... So many beautiful moments. 

This year we had the privilege of capturing life and love in Louisiana, California, Arizona, Florida, Kentucky, Mississippi and Arkansas. I drove more miles than I ever thought possible and became amazing friends with some of our most wonderful clients and also had the pleasure of working alongside some of the sweetest most amazing vendors!

It was truly a year of challenges and transitions. 2017 was our first year of booking weddings in Memphis and we booked over 20 weddings (DOUBLE my goal for the year). It was also the year that we picked up mid year and moved AGAIN, this time to Lexington, KY. Jeremy unfortunately had to transition out of doing weddings due to his job leaving me carrying on my lovely business on my own for now. While there were a lot of transitions and a lot of growing moments, I think the best thing this year was meeting nearly all of my photography goals for the year and truly feeling like I've grown into the exact style that I've been dreaming of for years. 

This is going to be a whole lot of images so I hope you make it through, but mostly I hope you see my heart and soul captured in these images. The blood, sweat and tears that went into 2017. 


The Couples/Engagements

The Feels

The Brides and Grooms

The Parties

The Details

The Bouquets

The Ceremonies

The Bridal Parties

The Exits

The Families

A few special mentions for some of my favorite people I couldn't have survived this year without. These two families are some of my best friends in the entire world, these two mama's helped me survive my first 1.5 years of motherhood and are some of the best women I know. I'm so privileged to know them and spend time with them and incredibly honored to capture their lives. 


And of course a few of my favorite personal photos taken this year! 


Photography by Adele Intern Search!


Photography by Adele Intern Search!

Content Marketing & Social Media Intern

Are you passionate about photography? Do you have a secret talent for crafting engaging content? Or maybe you're just a social media marketing wizard? Well, you're in luck. Photography by Adele is a photography company based in Lexington, Kentucky and we are looking for someone to join the team! 

The ideal candidate would be a self starter. We are looking for someone who is excellent with time management and someone who is familiar with online communities, social media platforms and blogs is essential. This position would require about 5-10 hours a week with the possibility of advancement. 

Please read carefully below to see if you would be a good fit. 

What You Will Learn & Responsibilities: 


  • Create compelling content that will be shared by influencers. 
  • Editorial Content Planning and Execution 
  • Newsletter content creation and planning 
  • Provide support on project planning and events. 
  • Research assignments for blog subjects


  • Create content for social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest
  • Create and manage social media marketing campaigns
  • Create an engaging environment with followers and influencers
  • Establish strong brand awareness across all platforms
  • Graphic creation for blog posts
  • Relationship building with online community

What we require: 

Applicants should be eager and excited for their careers and what they can learn through the internship. The applicant should be creative and a hard worker. They should be quick to respond to communication and be able to meet deadlines. 

  • Strong communication skills
  • Great grammar and writing skills with a strong attention to detail
  • Organized, Creative and Flexible
  • Familiar with social media networking sites 
  • Tech savvy with a strong interest in digital media 


  • This position is ideally an 8-month internship beginning in September of 2017, applicants interested in a 4-month internship will also be considered. 
  • You are expected to work 5-10 hours per week non-paid.
  • Applicants do not need to live in Lexington, Kentucky though it is preferred 
  • Out of state applicants must be able to make regular phone calls and video chat meetings. 


We are so excited about our 2017 Internship program! If you think this is the right position for you please send us your resume (does not need to be anything fancy) and we would love to get to know you better! 

All resumes can be sent to 



Its Not Always Rainbows and Butterflies


Its Not Always Rainbows and Butterflies



I remember she was about a week old, I had just finished feeding her and was ready to put her down for a nap when it hit me like a brick wall. My heart started pounding and the tears came in full stream. 




Thats the best way I can describe motherhood. Overwhelming love for this little being that you created. Overwhelming joy at being mommy to the most beautiful thing you've ever seen. Overwhelming fear of having to take care of a child that now depends solely on you. Everything is overwhelming, in good ways and bad. 

No one ever warns you about it. They warn you about the pregnancy struggles, the warn you about their birth horror stories. They warn you about the pain and the sleepless nights. They warn you about the horrible dirty diapers and the spit up and the crying. 


But what they don't warn you about is postpartum depression and anxiety. 


I was prepared as I could be for the daily life of a mother. But what I was not prepared for what the depression, "baby blues" as some would call it. And I definitely wasn't prepared for the anxiety, feeling like I couldn't breathe, like I was exploding from the inside every time I had to feed my daughter, or every time people were around or my daughter cried and no one could take her besides me. 

For some, if you're lucky, it ends after a few months and you go back to being your normal self. Others are not that lucky. If you're like me you're 8 months post delivery and its only getting worse. You can't sleep because you're anxiety is so bad, you're heart is pounding and your mind is racing a million miles per second. The house is a wreck and you can't seem to get anything done, because you're depression has taken every ounce of motivation away from you. 


What I'm here to tell you is that it is okay. 


our struggles do not make you any less of an amazing mother. Your depression and anxiety does not make you less of a mother. You are not a failure for the way your body has reacted to the hormones that come with carrying, delivering and for some breastfeeding your child. The moment you conceived your baby, you gave up control over your emotions and gave into the emotions of a mother. Overwhelming emotions. 

Im writing this because I feel like its not talked about enough, its a taboo subject because moms are so afraid of being judged that they don't want to open up to their friends and families about their struggles. But the worst part is that so many mothers go through it and they don't even have anyone to talk to about it because no one will open up. 

Im lucky enough to have two AMAZING mom friends, friends who have both struggled with postpartum depression and anxiety. And you know what, I would not have known and had someone to talk to if one of us hadn't taken the leap and opened up about the hard stuff. 


The Motherhood is real ya'll!


Its time for moms to stick together and open up to each other. If you're a seasoned mama, take an expecting mom out to coffee and let her know the real stuff and make sure she knows you're there for her. Be real and open and allow others to be open with you. Motherhood is not for the weak, and you need people to come alongside you and help be your strength.And lastly, pray with and for each other, you have no idea how much another mom might struggling but isn't willing to open up. Motherhood can't be done alone! 







Charlotte's Birth Story


Charlotte's Birth Story

On Monday May 9, 2016 Jeremy and I made our what to what would be my final OB appointment before Charlee's arrival. We rushed out the door in a hurry realizing we had overslept and said goodbye to a very concerned Zoe. It was in the moment seeing how sad Zoe was that we both knew today would be the day.

After arriving at our appointment my doctor informed me that I was still not progressing and asked if I wanted to waited it out or be induced. We told her we were ready to be induced and she decided to have me go for an ultrasound to see how big Charlee was and find an excuse for insurance purposes to induce me. 

The ultrasounds technician told us right away that we wouldn't need to make up a fake excuse to get induced because my fluids were low so we had a real reason. But then she decided to do some tests to make sure there were no issues with the low fluids. She started scanning Charlee's kidneys and staid on the same spot for a long time and then after a while she started looking in her books and thats when Jeremy and I began to worry. 

We were ushered back into my doctors office and outside we could here a commotion going on, nurses and doctors moving around and talking like something was wrong... What felt like hours later my doctor walked in the room with tears in her eyes, sat down and told us that the ultrasound wasn't normal. She said that Charlee's kidneys were not normal and that they appeared to have multiple cysts on them. She then began to explain the possible diseases she could have ranging from basically no symptoms to life threatening. At one point she started talking about kidney transplants and how long a baby could live after being born with kidney failure and thats when my heart completely shattered.

She had us sent to a better hospital with more high tech equipment and better NICU doctors and told them to induce me right away. We arrived around 12pm and waited to be sent to our room. At about 2pm they finally had my medicine ready and began the process to induce me. Jeremy and I watched The Office for hours to pass the time. We had guests come and go but it all happened in a blur and all I cared about was if my baby was going to be okay. 

Around 2am there was still no progress and the nurses came and started the pitocin to see if that would get the process going. Between 2am and 7am the contractions became extremely painful with absolutely no pattern at all. At time they were a minute apart but often there were 2 or 3 back to back with no time to breathe in between. I had hoped to go without getting an epidural but finally at 7am I gave in and decided I wanted one. 

It was around 8am by the time I got the epidural and the nurse checked me to see my progress. I was still only at 2cm centimeters and was experiencing back labor so even with the epidural I had pain in my tail bone and was extremely uncomfortable. They anesthesiologist came in and gave me a second dose of medicine since it looked like I was going to be in for a long day. My nurse told me it would probably only be night time by the time I delivered. I decided to take a nap wait the process out since I was no longer in pain. 

At 11am my amazing nurse Melissa came in to check me and asked me how far along I thought I was... I had absolutely no clue but expected to be somewhere around 3 or 4cm at most. She told me I was already at 10cm and ready to push. I was completely shocked and freaking out, I had just had tons of medicine and couldn't feel a thing. My doctor got the call and came rushing from her office 30 minutes away. In the time in between they got the room ready and allowed my family to come in and see me for a minute. Everyone was so excited to finally meet our baby girl but I wasn't ready. 

As much as I wanted to meet her I was so terrified of what might be wrong with her I didn't want to find out. I had no idea if my baby would live days or years or minutes and I was freaking out. My doctor walked into the room around 11:40 and Charlee's heart rate was dropping and they had to get her out right away. After about 4 minutes of pushing and only 3 actual pushes later Charlotte "Charlee" Amelia Clare-Talbot was born. The doctor laid her on me and I remember just being in complete and absolute shock and she looked me in the eyes and she kept repeatedly saying "she's okay, she's healthy"... she said it a few times because It honestly just couldn't register with me that she was actually okay. 

She looked absolutely perfect and I knew there was no way there could be anything wrong with her. It was the strangest feeling looking at her and not being at all surprised by what she looked like. She was exactly how I imagined her and it was as if I had known her my whole life. 

After giving me some time for just me and Jeremy to bond with her we invited the family in to meet her. We'd kept her name a surprise to my family for the whole pregnancy and when it was time for my grandpa Charlie to meet her we announced that we were name her Charlee after him and let him be the first to hold her. 

Later that night after they sent Charlee for testing we got news that there were no tumors or cysts on her kidneys but they there still might be some issues with her kidneys. Thankfully the next day we received a clean bill of health for her. The doctors had no explanation for what showed up before in the ultrasound, the only thing they knew was that she was perfectly healthy. 

It was a 3 day emotional roller coaster but we are so grateful for our sweet, healthy baby girl who is now one month old! Here are a few photos from the day she was born and our time in the hospital!